10 FBT Tips for a Post-COVID World

Paul Hockridge uses his 30+ years of experience to share his take on FBT and how the rise in working from home has changed the game. 10 FBT tips in a post-COVID world! 

  • Cars and e-vehicles: Maximising the stat formula method

  • Taxis and ride share

  • Motorbikes and scooters

  • Eligible work related items

  • WFH and home office expenses

  • Flu jabs, counselling, and medical related items

  • Buses v trains: which could be exempt

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1:36 - Why FBT sucks
3:00 - How do other countries tax FBT
4:47 Why it's not great taxing the employer

7:54 FBT fundamentals: What's subject to FBT?

10:26 - What does 'in respect of employment' mean? What about Division 7A?

11:46 - How to save FBT on car fringe benefits

16:29 - What about second hand cars? Are there more FBT savings?

19:47 - FBT, taxis and ride sharing

22:29 - Any FBT concessions for short-term car rentals - car sharing?

23:33 - Motorbikes, push bikes and e-bikes

26:39 - How are bogan bars and FBT related?

28:59 - Eligible work related items: Portable electronic devices

32:00 - Used primarily for work

35:13 - Is a $20,000 Birkin laptop bag FBT exempt?

38:18 - Home office expenses

40:25 - Medical stuff: Flu jabs and counselling

43:14 - COVID quarantine costs

44:49 - What's 'otherwise deductible' again?

45:40 - Working from home expenses

47:29 - How does claiming WFH expense interact with the main residence exemption?

49:25 - Scooters and e-scooters

50:16 - Bus fares v train fares

53:08 - E-Vehicles: Labour policy