Enterprise Plan (Beta)

Want to get Tax Nuggets for your employees? Subscribe to our Enterprise Plan. It's the same as our individual plan - each employee gets their own login, except that the Enterprise makes one single payment on behalf of all employees. It's $24.99 GST inclusive per employee, per month. No contracts, cancel anytime.

How do I sign up?

Step 1 - Work out how many employees you want access for

Are you the authorised admin person? That is, have you been tasked with the boring but critical role of transacting with us on everyone's behalf like making payments, and communicating with us in respect of your organisation's subscription?

You are? Bless you! Keep reading. Otherwise, get that person to read this page.

Step 2 -  Complete our New Enterprise Subscription Form.

Step 3  - Pay for the first month's Enterprise subscription 

We'll send you a link for you to pay for the first month's subscription using your credit card or Paypal. Payments are for the month in advance.

Step 4 -  Email your employees the link to register

Once your payment has been confirmed, we will email you the details to enable your employees to access our content. This will include:

✔️  A link for your employees to register - each employee to create a unique login to access our platform

✔️  A coupon code that they will need to insert to get 100% off the price - free access to our content, because you've already paid on their behalf. 

You'll need to send these details to your employees that want access.

Step 5 - Your employees will each create a login, enter the coupon code and get instant access to our content.


How long does it take to sign up? 

It should take 1-2 business days, but it will also depend on how fast the payment is processed. We usually process things on our end within 1 business day.

When will I be charged? 

Your organisation's credit card or Paypal account will be charged in advance, on a monthly recurring basis. 
Your Enterprise subscription will renew automatically next month until you choose to cancel.

How do I cancel my Enterprise subscription?

The admin person has to cancel the subscription. As the admin person, login to your account, go to your dashboard>Billing>Change plan>Cancel membership. You will still have access till the end of the billing cycle, but you will no longer be charged in the following billing cycle.

What if an employee leaves? Can I reduce the number of employees on my subscription?

You can transfer their account to another employee. However, we will be unable to refund you any amount if the employee leaves in the middle of your billing cycle.

Alternatively, if you wish to reduce the number of employees in your plan going forward, complete the form 'Change to existing subscription plan' so we can update your subscription for you. Let us know which employee you wish us to cancel access for. Your other existing employees will not need to register again and should not be affected.

What if you want to add more employees to the plan?

Complete the 'Change to current subscription plan form'. This will tell us how many new employees you wish to add. We will give you a link to process the updated payment details.

Can I transfer one employee's access to another employee?

For sure! Just drop us a line with the following details and we'll fix it right up for you.

Employee that will need access going forward



Employee that no longer needs access