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Our next live workshop will be on Monday, 6 Dec 2021, 12.30pm - Melbourne time.

How to make a trust distribution (proper)!?

A case study of a family group including:

  • How to make a trust distribution

  • Distributable income v taxable income

  • Sample trust deed, how to find the income definition, what else to look out for 

  • Common income definitions and the accounting and tax consequences 

  • What happens if there’s no income to distribute but there’s taxable income

  • How to prepare trustee distribution resolutions (percentage v actual amounts)

  • Sample trust distribution resolution.  

This masterclass is set to be around 60 minutes + open mic Q&A at the end.

Who's it for?

Basic to intermediate practitioners, visual learners - Strictly NO powerpoint! If you're a newbie, I'll recommend some homework videos for you so you can get the basics and can follow the case study.

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