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from 1 April 2022

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price option <p><span style="color: #000000ff;" >BASIC</span></p>



Access to core library including:

  • special topics video lessons on small medium business and private tax issues

  • regular releases of new content

  • resources - Tax Buddy Cheat Sheets and Tax Snaps

  • live virtual events attendance (excludes replays or materials, excludes monthly tax updates).

Pay monthly. No commitments, cancel anytime

price option <p><span class="font-bold">PREMIUM</span></p>



Access monthly tax updates and live virtuals including

  • Everything under the Basic Plan

  • Live virtual monthly tax updates with John Jeffreys.

  • All live virtual events and related materials

  • Replays of live virtuals and downloads of related materials for up to 1 month.

Pay monthly. No commitments. Cancel anytime.

price option <p><span class="font-bold">VIP</span></p>



Unlimited access to all content including:

  • Everything under Premium plan

  • Unlimited replays of ALL previous live events

  • Unlimited downloads of all materials, resources and tools

  • CPD tracker - track every minute watched, videos played and live events attended.

Pay monthly. No commitments, cancel anytime.

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Still not sure which is the best plan? Download our comparison table to help you work this out. If you're still unsure, we recommend going for the Premium Plan 10-day trial.

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Why go with us?

You get instant access to engaging and practical tax training videos, focused on small medium business and private tax issues, by leading practitioners.

<p><span class="font-bold">Mobile friendly streaming</span></p>

Mobile friendly streaming

Get instant access to engaging video lessons and future releases. Watch as much as you want, whenever you want, wherever you want!

<p><span class="font-bold">New and trending topics </span></p>

New and trending topics

Cure your FONK - Fear of Not Knowing. New videos added regularly - new cases, latest developments, and why the heck should you care.

<p><span class="font-bold">Conversations</span></p>


Got a question? Get answers! Post it in the comments, and I'll reply. Be part of a community - chat with peers and other tax geeks.

<p><span class="font-bold">Real practitioners</span></p>

Real practitioners

Hang out with my lawyer friends like Andrew Henshaw - Velocity Legal, and other Jedi Tax Masters. Real practitioners, not lecturers.

<p><span class="font-bold">Only good stuff</span></p>

Only good stuff

Like Haagen Daz 457ml, not Peters 2L with all the air bubbles. I take up to 5 hours to create a 5 minute video. Because that's how diamonds are made. 

<p><span class="font-bold">Superpowers</span></p>


Like the Flash! Speed up, slow down, fast forward, time travel to the anywhere you want. All videos include transcipts with timestamps so you can find what you need fast.

<p><span class="font-bold">No long boring slides</span></p>

No long boring slides

Powerpoint Fatigue Syndrome is real. Our videos are short and sweet. Tik Tok for tax.

<p><span class="font-bold">Tax hacks</span></p>

Tax hacks

Tax Buddy Cheat Sheets, Tax Snaps, infographics and more - designed to help you learn faster and retain better. So you can continue bingeing Queens Gambit.

<p><span class="font-bold">Clever Clogs Kickbacks</span></p>

Clever Clogs Kickbacks

Spotted an error? Post it in the comments, I'll fix it, and give you a week's free subscription, as a thank you for pointing out my flawsomeness!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's up with the name Tax Nuggets?

We eat tax nuggets for breakfast.

What is Tax Nuggets Academy

Tax Nuggets Academy provides tax training in the form of lollipops-for-your-brain-with-hidden-veggies that you can watch on any internet-connected device such as your desktop, mobile phone or tablet.

You can watch as much as you want, whenever you want – all for one low monthly price. There's always something new to watch. New topics and latest developments are generally added every week. We stole all of this from Netflix by the way. 

What is included in a membership?

Membership under the Premium Basic plan includes access to an incredible catalog of videos - live recordings (of me 'n me mates) and whiteboard explainers on income tax, FBT and international tax issues for Small Medium Enterprises including large privately owned groups and subsidiaries of multinationals.  Topics range from private tax issues such as Division 7A, trust streaming and Family Trust Elections to international tax such as residency and transfer pricing. I do case dives and private ruling analyses too. I also collab with other tax specialists on topics such as GST and SMSFs.

Learn more about our new Premium Plus membership here!

Do I get CPD from watching your videos?

Yes, for CAANZ, CPA and Tax Institute. Check out my detailed FAQs for more information on this and other questions such as 'Is my subscription fee tax deductible?' and 'Can I claim this back from my employer?'

Also, our new Premium Plus plan gives you on-demand CPD tracking reports. Learn more here.

How do I know that your videos are correct?

We have a tiny army of supporters who review my videos before we publish. We also work with content partners who are tax experts and real practitioners, and we co-author the content together.

Also, there's heaps of social proof available. You can see comments left by other subscribers.

How do I cancel?

If you don’t want to continue, you can cancel or downgrade your membership at any time. Go to 'Your account', follow the prompts to cancel / downgrade on the Billing page, and your membership will not renew. You will continue to have access till the end of the 30 day period.

Do you do group subscriptions or corporate plans?

Yes we do. Please contact us on

Who are you?

Check out my About page here.

Become a Nuggeteer

That's what you become the moment you subscribe. Welcome to the rebellion!

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