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Ditch Sucky Training

Are you tired of long, boring and expensive tax training? 2 hour one-way-webinars, where you're on mute and checking your emails? Training for the sake of getting CPD hours, rather than to teach you anything useful?


Same here! We've died a thousand deaths by Powerpoint. That's why we started Tax Nuggets Academy!


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  • No more Powerpoint Fatigue Syndrome.

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  • No fluff. Grasp a concept within minutes, not hours.

Learn From Real Practitioners

Gain practical insights from practitioners who live and breath tax everyday, not lecturers. We collaborate with tax and accounting experts on small medium business and private tax issues, to create engaging training videos. Our mojo is converting their technical knowledge into lollipops for your brain with hidden veggies! We onboard new content partners regularly.

Nathan Yii

Principal | Nathan Yii Lawyers

Amanda Gascoigne

Owner | The Balanced Firm

Paul Hockridge

Principal | Hockridge Advisory

John Jeffreys

Director | John Jeffreys Tax

Andrew Henshaw

Managing Director | Velocity Legal

Two Drunk Accountants

Podcasters and owners of CATS Accountants

Joyce Ong

Co-Founder | Tax Nuggets Academy

Mike Mortlock

Managing Director | MCG Quantity Surveyors

Derek Cheung

CFO | Salvo Property Group

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Subscribers Are Raving

I even watched this one while on annual leave!! That's how good it was.


And always happy to listen to a case instead of reading the whole damn thing!!

<p><span class="font-bold">Grahame Barber</span></p>, <p>Senior Manager | Blue Rock</p>

Grahame Barber

Senior Manager | Blue Rock

Your Division 7A videos are so helpful to young tax professionals like myself. Tax is a tricky area, and having resources created by an experienced tax specialist is immensely valuable - thank you!

<p><span class="font-bold">Aradhana Samuel</span></p>, <p>Law Clerk | Cowell Clarke | Undergraduate</p>

Aradhana Samuel

Law Clerk | Cowell Clarke | Undergraduate

I love the content of Tax Nuggets. It’s easy to follow and explained in such a way that anyone can understand.


Superb work from you!

<p><span class="font-bold">Chinyee Saw</span></p>, <p>Manager | KPMG</p>

Chinyee Saw

Manager | KPMG

Become an absolute legend* by learning the Nugget way

*someone or something whose coolness extends beyond all space and time.


Spaced out learning in small chunks over time. It's more effective than binge-learning.


You remember everything in Game of Thrones because you had to wait one week for every episode, right?

Learn when you need it

Not for the sake of it. Why would you YouTube 'how to make tiramisu' unless you're actually going to make a tiramisu.


Stay aware of latest tax trends and issues by watching my 'In a Nutshell' videos. Dive deeper only when you need to.

Whiteboard explainers

Whiteboard explainers with visual metaphors - they're so effective because they engage more sensories.


Compared with just reading, you are more likely to remember it because you see it, read it and hear it.

Tax Snaps

Save time by reviewing a one page snapshot of the video. So you don't have to re-watch the video next time.


Like a visual synopsis of GOT season 4 just before season 5 starts. You're welcome!

Real Reviews From Our Learners

I'll definitely be sharing content with the staff here... and with all my other friends and colleagues in other accounting practices.

<p><span class="font-bold">Leonard Jiang</span></p>, <p>Partner | Empire Accountants </p>

Leonard Jiang

Partner | Empire Accountants

Great tool for those on our team who are new to the profession (and also a great tool for those like me who have been in accounting for nearly 20 years!)

<p><span class="font-bold">Micthell Killen</span></p>, <p>Manager | Pitcher Partners</p>

Micthell Killen

Manager | Pitcher Partners

Oh my gosh - your work and website are just brilliant. I wish you were my tax lecturer when I was studying - Congratulations!!!

<p><span class="font-bold">William Calokerinos</span></p>, <p>Barrister | Wentworth Chambers</p>

William Calokerinos

Barrister | Wentworth Chambers

In Your Pocket

Bite-sized learning made for when you're on-the-go. Because why shouldn't you squeeze in a 5 minute video on Loss Carry Back while waiting for that perfect piccolo.

Who Is Tax Nuggets For?

Tax Nuggets Academy is designed for every level whether you're a student, just starting your professional career or a seasoned practitioner.


Our content has been painstakingly indexed and labeled so that you can easily search for and skip to where you need to be.

Give yourself an edge with practical insights into the real world of business.


Master complex concepts with ease and explain them to your clients in a way that clicks. Get practical insights on what's affecting your clients.


Already a Jedi Tax Master? No worries! Skip over the stuff you already know to the juicy bits like new cases, and latest developments. If only there was a fast forward in real life...


Challenge your advisors. Look great in front of your boss. #winning

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