Hey I'm Joyce. I eat Tax Nuggets for breakfast.

Who am I?

I am an unapologetically lazy learner. Whatever you do, do NOT make me enter a zoom meeting ID! I'm also a shameless tight ass. What has this got to do with Tax Nuggets?

Throughout my career, I attended lots of expensive but sucky training. Training that makes you feel like you just ran a marathon at the end, you came last but at least you finished.

The other day, I paid $235 for a 'strictly limited seats' Div7A webinar which involved me looking at a bunch of slides for an hour and a half. No humans appeared. I bet it was a recording - the presenter was out playing golf. The suckiest part was, it was bat. shit. boring. 

At the start of COVID, I read that Melanie Perkins, co-founder of Canva, hit US$3B in net worth (she's now US$6B). If only I could be like her... travelling first-class, fancy restaurants, minions at her bidding (I'm Malaysian so I'm already half way there!)  

How can I be rich like her??? 

By saving the world from sucky tax training is how! 

OK, I'm not that delusional.  I'd be happy with a valuation of $1m. 

Anyway, that's how Tax Nuggets started: 

✔️ extreme lockdown boredom 

✔️ a lazy tight-ass 

✔️ with delusions of grandeur.

My husband thinks I'm nuts because I turned down a luxurious government contract to do this. Mr Li helps with IT in exchange for me dealing with our 2 year old boss. 

Ops I forgot to talk about my career... 

What is my big "Why?"

To become a professional nomad, and never fly Coach again. Wow, did I just say that out loud? Yes, I just want to do something I like and get paid lots of money for it. I like-a da money. 🙊 OMG I did it again! I said that out loud!

Who doesn't want to change the world!? Go on Linkedin and see all the  'purpose-driven organisations' and 'difference makers'. Of course I want to change the world. 

But I don't wake up every morning thinking "How can I change the world!?" 


Sorry, that just came out of nowhere! I do care. I care about people. I care about how my work affects them. Nothing gives me more buzz than getting a Linkedin message from a total rando, "I love what you're doing with Tax Nuggets, I have been sharing them around the office, especially with newer staff." Or "Thank you for making the impossible possible, learning about tax has never been interesting but you have made it much more enjoyable." Naawwwww.... Thanks, Mitchell and Dan. I love helping people!

More than that, I like teaching in an entertaining way. 

And being well known for it.

I really do want to save the world from boring tax training!

But I'll worry about that after I can afford to fly Premium Economy.

Why join Tax Nuggets Academy?

In case you're still not convinced of the awesomeness of Tax Nuggets. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should subscribe.

1️⃣   It's for a good cause - me becoming a digital nomad and flying Premium Economy. Thank you in advance. 

2️⃣   You'll help to disrupt the crap out of professional education.

3️⃣   You will actually learn something (without feeling like you've just ran a marathon, came last, but at least you finished).   

4️⃣   It's cheap. I have no minions to feed. (Shhh... I have a tiny army of freelancers)

5️⃣   Live a little, try something new. You might like it. 

Become a Nuggeteer

You're still here? Still not convinced?

  1. What if I told you, "All profits will be generously donated to the Powerpoint Fatigue Syndrome (PFS) Foundation." OK, I made that up, but I'll reinvest the profits to make a more awesomer product which will save the world from PFS.


    Check out my FAQs if you want to know more about pricing, CPD requirements and my Enterprise plan.