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Why Go With Us?

You get instant access to engaging and practical tax training videos by leading practitioners.

<div class="editor-content"><p>Mobile Friendly Streaming</p></div>

Mobile Friendly Streaming

Get instant access to engaging video lessons and future releases. Watch as much as you want, whenever you want, wherever you want!

<div class="editor-content"><p>New and Trending Topics</p></div>

New and Trending Topics

Cure your FONK - Fear of Not Knowing. New videos added regularly - new cases, latest developments, and why the heck you should care.

<div class="editor-content"><p>Conversations</p></div>


Got a question? Get answers! Post it in the comments. Be part of a community - chat with peers and other tax geeks.

<div class="editor-content"><p>Real Practitioners</p></div>

Real Practitioners

Hang out with leading experts like Andrew Henshaw, John Jeffreys, Paul Hockridge and other Jedi Tax Masters. Real practitioners, not lecturers.

<div class="editor-content"><p>Quality, Not Quantity</p></div>

Quality, Not Quantity

Like Haagen Daz 457ml, not Peters 2L with all the air bubbles. We break down all our content into bite-sized nuggets, remove the 'blah blah' and provide accurate captions.

<div class="editor-content"><p>Superpowers</p></div>


Like the Flash! Speed up, slow down, fast forward, time travel to the anywhere you want. All videos include captions so you can watch it when your airpods run out of battery.

<div class="editor-content"><p>No Long Boring Slides</p></div>

No Long Boring Slides

Powerpoint Fatigue Syndrome is real. Our videos are short and sweet. Tik Tok for tax.

<div class="editor-content"><p>Tax Hacks</p></div>

Tax Hacks

Tax Buddy Cheat Sheets, Tax Snaps, infographics and more - designed to help you learn faster and retain better. So you can continue bingeing Netflix.

<div class="editor-content"><p>Live Webinars</p></div>

Live Webinars

Geek out together at our live interactive virtual workshops! Loads of polls, quizzes and Q&A with leading presenters.

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*someone whose coolness extends beyond space and time.

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