How do I access your videos? 

By signing up for our Free or Premium plan. The Free plan gives you limited access to my content. The Premium plan gives you unlimited access to my content plus extras.

How do I sign up for the Premium plan?

Click here. Click ‘Choose plan’. Then create an account by entering your email address, your full name and password, then click ‘Continue’. Enter your credit card details in the next page. Alternatively, you can pay using Paypal.

Once payment and registration is completed, you will receive an email confirmation / tax invoice. That’s it, you’re in!

How do I upgrade from Free to Premium? 

Upgrading is the same process as signing up for Premium, except you don't have to create a new account. 

Simply click here or click 'Upgrade' in the top menu. 

Once payment and registration is completed, you will receive an email confirmation. That’s it, you’re in!

How do I sign up for the Free plan?

Click here.

Create an account by entering your email address, your full name and password, then click ‘Continue’. This will take you to a page which says “no credit card needed” and then click ‘Complete’. That’s it! You will receive an email confirming your registration.

Is it worth upgrading from Free to Premium membership?

Do onions go above the sausage in a hotdog?*

The Free plan is just a teaser. You'll only have access to Freebies Forever which are mostly basic topics - no case dives or rulings analyses which are only available under Premium. I may give away some goodies as Freebies of the Week but I'm not that generous so you can only watch it in that week only.

Whereas under the Premium plan, you'll get unlimited access to all my content and can watch it anytime.


*The answer is yes, by the way. Which planet are you from? Oh, you work at Bunnings... I get it

How much is it to subscribe to the Premium plan?

It is $24.99 per month. No commitments, cancel anytime.

Why is it $24.99 and not $25.00? 

I have no idea. I just copied Netflix. I assume that they've done tons of psychological research on this, and it will make you automatically think it's way cheaper than $25.00. 

So cheap! You're not going to price-creep on me, right?  

Of course I'm going to price-creep, as soon as I have enough content! In fact, I intend to raise the price every quarter. But all existing subscribers' pricing will be grandfathered. If you cancel your subscription, you lose your grandfathered pricing.

It's a loyalty thing. 

If you are wondering why Tax Nuggets is so cheap compared to other training providers, and how can you trust my videos are correct, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of my homepage (you'll need to be signed out to view this). 

What future topics will be released on Tax Nuggets Academy?

All our Free and Premium members will be automatically subscribed to our newsletter. You'll know what topics are coming soon and our recent releases.



*Fear of Not Knowing

Does watching your videos count towards my CPD hours?

Yes, but I've only checked with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, CPA Australia and The Tax Institute.

So please double check with your specific industry body. I have no minions to check with all the others. Keep in mind also that there are specific requirements for certain types of members or occupations such as SMSF specialists.

Is my subscription fee tax deductible? 

According to the ATO, yes, if it relates to your current work activities as an employee; and 

✔️ maintains or improves the specific skills or knowledge you require in your current work activities

✔️ result in, or is likely to result in, an increase in your income from your current work activities.

Shouldn't I be claiming this back from work? 

Why not? They won't even notice. It's cheaper than an Uber.

If you get tired of claiming it back, tell them about our Enterprise plan and while you're there, tell them it's like lollipops for your brain with hidden veggies.

And you will love your job more if they subscribe.

Do you do group subscriptions? 

Yes, I do. Check out our Enterprise plan here.

Do you offer discounts for group subscriptions aka your Enterprise plan? 

No. Period.

Whaaat? Why not?  

OK, ok... I'll explain why. My product is digital and has a fixed cost to create. There are no economies of scale for me when you buy as a group. It is not cheaper for me to create if there are more subscribers.

Also, the value you get is not diluted just because you purchased as a group. I believe the price per person should be the same whether you are buying for 1 person or 100 persons. 

Why don't you offer a free trial for the Premium plan? 

That's what the Free plan is for, to try us out before going Premium.

How do I see my payment history?

To see your payment history, you need to sign in to your account and select 'Your account' in the menu at the top of the page. Go to the 'Billing' tab, under 'Payment history' you will be able to see all the previous payments you have made. This includes the date, amount paid and invoice number.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your Premium membership, you need to sign in to your account and select 'Your account' in the menu at the top of the page. Go to the 'Billing' tab, under 'Active Plan', select 'Change plan'. Select 'Cancel membership' on the bottom right corner.

You will continue to have access to our content till the end of the monthly billing cycle. You will no longer be charged and you will be downgraded to the Free membership plan and only have limited access to content. You will continue to receive our newsletters unless you have unsubscribed to the newsletters via email.

If you wish to cancel your Free membership, you can repeat the steps above as a Free member. You will also stop receiving our newsletters.

OK I'm in! I want to be a Nuggeteer. Now what? 

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